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Facebook Messenger Now Features Screen Sharing

Now I can share my memes even faster! Thanks Zuckerberg!

If you didn't know this already, you are able to share your computer screen via Facebook Messenger on your desktop to your friends, family, and meme groups. This is done via a video call, and just selecting the screen-share button.

Now, Facebook has made our lives even easier by adding the feature to the Messenger app on both iOS and Android. You are now able to easily share whatever is on your phone screen to your friends! Imagine not needing to send memes one by one, and just scrolling through the entire album live.

At the moment, desktop Messenger "rooms" or groups currently support up to 16 people for screen sharing, while the mobile apps only support half the amount. Facebook is currently working on increasing that number to 50, and also include room controls where the host is able to control who is able to share their screen - very useful for conference calls!

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