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EZVIZ Launches C8W Security Camera, Priced at RM449

Today, EZVIZ introduced its all-new outdoor camera, the C8W, equipped with a 2K+ resolution and a maximum of 30 frames per second. It is a big upgrade from its predecessor, which can capture only 20 frames per second in 1080p resolution. It also has EZVIZ's outdoor cameras signature feature - the pan and tilt function which offers a 360-degree field-of-view.

The camera is equipped with an AI-powered human shape detection technology, which can identify human shapes and distinguish them from pets or objects, and it will send notification alarms to users via the EZVIZ app. When the camera detected intruders, it will set off a loud Through the app, users can customise the detection sensitivity and time schedules to reduce unnecessary alerts.

For night visions, it features two built-in spotlights and professional optical lenses that give it three-night vision modes including colour night vision and smart night vision. Users can choose to view a true to life full-colour night vision or the standard black-and-white night vision.

The C8W also has a two-way communication feature for users to communicate with the person on the other end in real-time. Thanks to its fully weatherproof design, it can have longstanding performance even during the worst of weather.

It uses the H.265 video compression technology to keep footage at high quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space compared to the standard H.264 video compression. It also has a built-in microSD slot that can store up to 256GB of footage.

The C8W smart security camera is now available at RM449 and can be purchased at physical distributor stores across shopping malls nationwide.


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