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EZVIZ Launches C8PF Outdoor Home Security with 8x Mixed Zoom

EZVIZ has officially launched its new award-winning outdoor security camera - the C8PF - featuring an 8-time mixed zoom function. It is equipped with advanced dual-lens technologies complemented with a picture-in-picture display mode, which shows a close-up view in the enlarged display mode.

The camera packs a 12mm telephoto lens with a 2.8mm wide-angle lens for users to zoom in and out while keeping the image quality clear for live viewing or playbacks. It is powered by four infrared lights to provide clear images even at night up to a distance of 30m. It covers a 360-degree panoramic field of view.

It also comes with an Ai-powered human shape detection function that will send notifications to users via the EZVIZ app. Users will be able to customise detection sensitivity and set schedules to filter unwanted alerts.

In addition, the security cam has built-in microphone and speaker for users to communicate with people at home through the EZVIZ app. It comes with 512GB of storage. With its weatherproof design, the cam promises 365-day protection. It also offers a subscription service for extra protection by saving data on EZVIZ's CloudPlay.

The C8Pf security camera is available now starting from RM449 at physical distributor stores across shopping malls nationwide, or online via EZVIZ's official Shopee and Lazada stores.


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