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Excel Esports Is A Real Thing

Esports has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last few years. Whether it's shooters, MOBAs or strategy games, there is competition for almost any multiplayer game.

But not every esports has to be gaming related. The “E” in Esports stands for electronic after all. So technically, any electronic device would count in the Esports category.

So it is no surprise that somebody decided to make the most abnormal Esports using a common computer programme: Microsoft Excel.

As reported by TechRadar, ESPN broadcasted a replay of the Excel All-Star Battle, which took place back in May. Organised by the Financial Modeling World Cup, the competition sees eight Microsoft Excel users go head-to-head in a knockout tournament until a winner was crowned.

While the concept alone would be off-putting to people, the fact that the entire event had commentary, player interviews and post-game analysis on par with real sports made it so endearing.

“If you’d told me 20 years ago that we would all be watching Excel competitions, I’d have thought you were crazy,” said Bill Jelen, a commentator of the Excel All-Star Battle.

If you’re eager to show the world just how good of an Excel user you are, the next competition: the FMWC Open, will take place in early October.


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