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Esports potential to grow as 19th Asian Games Hangzhou approaches

The 19th Asian Games that are due to take place in Hangzhou in China. Originally due to take place in 2022, the event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in China and will now take place in 2023 starting on September 23.

As global multi-sport events have grown to include esports, upcoming Asian Games will further boost the popularity of esports into the mind of general people.

The esports programme at the 2022 Asian Games will include eight medal events and two demonstration events, with competitions being held in Arena of Valor, Dota 2, Dream of the Three Kingdoms 2, EA Sports FC, Hearthstone, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Street Fighter V.

(Visitors try out games at 2023 China Joy, which opened on Friday in Shanghai.)

During the recent China Joy event, also known as the 20th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference, held in Shanghai, a report from the Electronics Sports Committee of the China Audio Video and Digital Publishing Association revealed that e-sports product sales made up 84.84% of the industry's earnings in the past six months. E-sports live streaming and games were the next major contributors to the industry's revenue.

The upcoming Asian Games will make the public better acquainted with esports and boost the global development of Chinese local game developers, the report said.

(Robert Xiao, CEO of Perfect World.)

"As an important international sports event, the Asian Games will attract global attention, and so will the esports events in the Games," said Robert Xiao, CEO of Perfect World. Adding that through this opportunity, Asia's esports industry will see more changes and have the development mature in standardisation and popularisation."

He pointed out that apart from drawing global attention, the Asian Games are also expected to promote global collaboration in diverse sectors including game development, content production and commercial sponsorship.

(2018 18th Asian Games in Palembang, Jakarta under League of Legends title.)


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