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Epic Takes You to Combat On the Galaxy This Week

This week's free game on Epic is Double Damage Games' space combat RPG released in 2015 - Rebel Galaxy. Unlike most space combat games, the combats in Rebel Galaxy take place in just two dimensions, where capital ships fire broadsides from within the plane of each solar system.

Players will assume the role of a commander to battle against pirates, explore anomalies, make friends with aliens, hunt for battle wreckage and mine asteroids, and discover artifacts. Players can choose to either be a "roguish do-gooder, crafty space-trader, or a power-hungry privateer". Interestingly, Rebel Galaxy uses licensed blue rocks and country rocks for its soundtracks by artists including Blues Sacareno, Nick Nolan, The Blue News, and Abbas Premjee.

Rebel Galaxy can be downloaded for free here.


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