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Epic Games Store's First Free "Mystery" Game - Shenmue III

Epic Games Store has revealed its first free game for the holidays and the speculation made by Dealabs was correct. The marathon giveaway has officially kickstarted with YS Net's Shenmue III.

Assuming the role of Ryo Hazuki, players will explore the open world in Guilin, searching for clues, and interact with NPC to avenge his father's death. The game features a 3D fighting system that is similar to the Virtua Fighter series for players to practice and increase their power. There are minigames for players to earn money from, such as gambling, fishing, woodchopping, forklift driving, and selling foraged herbs. There is also a newly introduced stamina system, where Ryo's HP will decrease as players explore the world and he won't be able to sprint if his HP is too low. Players can restore his HP by eating or sleeping.

Shenmue III can be claimed here.

Additionally, Epic is giving away some free in-game items during the holidays for several games, including Fortnite, Rocket League, and Warframe.

On top of that, you can use the Epic Coupon worth RM40 and apply it to purchase any title worth at least RM59.99 from the store. The sale will be available until 6 January at 11am ET, which is 12am on 7 January Malaysian Time.


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