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Electronic Arts Releases FIFA Mobile Season 6 Update

EA Sports FIFA Mobile has released a new major update with an array of enhancements for gameplay, visuals, and audio for football fans.

FIFA Mobile's visual fidelity has been enhanced by an overhaul gameplay engine with more details on the screen during a match. Mobile gamers will be able to adjust the settings of the game at 60FPS to enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

EA has also added a new feature that allows players to switch between 4 camera angles in real-time during a match. The new camera options are available for goal kicks, free kicks, corners, and penalties. They can also be enabled in broadcast replays for players to immerse in celebratory moments of a game. The new update also comes with a series of new stadiums waiting for players to unlock with a unique weather feature. Players can choose to play matches during the day, dusk, or night.

A new live audio commentary from legendary commentators is now available in 11 languages, including English, Spanish, LATAM Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,

Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, Mandarin, and Japanese. Matches will have an even more authentic feeling with the introduction of new home crowd chants, public stadium announcers, and player calls.

Additionally, more team management and player controls during real-time 11v11 gameplay and improvements to the fan-favorite VS Attack mode have been added in the new update. Players will now have full control of substitutions, in-game positions, and plan their set pieces, meaning players are in full control of the winning fate of their team. Players must also be on the watch of their team member's stamina and skill moves in order to win a match.


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