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EGS Offering Free Goodies for D&D Clicker Game "Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms"

This week, Epic Games Store is offering over US$100 worth of free stuff for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, a free-to-play strategy management clicker game set in the Dungeon & Dragons Forgotten Realms setting.

From April 29 11AM Eastern (11PM Malaysia time) to May 6 11AM Eastern (11PM Malaysia time), there will be a bonus for those logging into the game via EGS in the form of the Epic Champions of Renown. The Epic Champions of Renown unlocks the Champions Spurt (Slot 3), Krull (Slot 6), Black Viper (Slot 7), Hew Maan (Slot 8), and Nova V'Ger (Slot 11), and also provides a number of gold chests for each of those Champions as well as two familiars.

As for what the game is about, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms features D&D characters like Forgotten Realms’ Bruenor Battlehammer and Baldur's Gate’s Jaheira, with additional characters like the drow Drizzt Do'urden available as unlocks.

“Mastering the position of each Champion to maximize their special abilities is the key to completing each adventure,” says the game’s description. “Each Champion's abilities and gear requires careful thought to create the best combination. Only the most powerful formations will defeat the waves of Dungeons & Dragons monsters.”

Some Champions and gear will be available via limited-time events, which the game is updated with regularly according to the store page. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms also promises “hundreds of adventures”, and will include offline progress to allow your Champions to fight and earn you gold without your presence.

You can check out the game’s EGS page here.


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