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EA Employees Reportedly Unhappy With Tweet Insulting Single-Player Games

Several employees at Electronic Arts (EA) are reportedly unhappy with a tweet made by the official Twitter account claiming that single-player games aren’t worthwhile.

Taking part in the “they’re a 10 but…” trend that has been spreading on social media, EA’s official Twitter account tweeted: “they’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games”.

The tweet resulted in a massive backlash from the gaming community, with many people pointing out its infamy with multiplayer games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 2042.

Hours later, EA made another tweet backtracking their comment and said: “single-player games actually makes them an 11.”

In a report by USA Today’s FTW, many EA employees, especially those working on single-player games, disliked the tweet, and the Twitter account was outsourced to people that don’t work in the gaming industry.

There was also a plan for EA to have their studios publicly ridicule the tweet to gain favour from the audience. However, multiple social media managers declined the idea because this would only magnify their poor reputation.


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