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Animal Crossing Summer Update #2: Dream Suite, Island Backups and More!

Nintendo is certainly on a roll with great updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While the first Summer update opened up the seas, the second one is opening up whole new islands to visit in the form of Dream Suite!

Dream Suite

Luna is your host for Dream Suite, and boy, is she going to take you places. Dream Suite is a feature that was first introduced in New Leaf, allowing players to take virtual tours on a copy of other people's islands.

This means you can show off your 900 hours of hard work to strangers on the internet without actually having to host a live tour and potentially having them desecrate your slice of paradise.

The trailer reveals that Dream Suite can be accessed by going to bed, after which Luna will appear to take you to the island you wish to go. Presumably, you'll have to enter a unique creator code (like the ones used to search custom designs) and you'll wake up in the island you wish to visit.

Now, you can take your time to roam freely and shake trees to your heart's content without affecting the original creator's real island. It's also a neat way to get inspiration for your own islands! Do note that you'll require Nintendo Switch Online membership to use this feature though.

Fireworks Season

Every Sunday in August, there'll be a fireworks show organised by Redd. Here, you'll be able to win rewards from Redd's Raffle as well as create your own fireworks using custom designs (does this mean we'll unlock more custom design slots?!)

New items include bubble blowers, party horns, glowing bobble headbands, and more.

Island Backup Restoration Service

Not much was explained about this, but we presume that the title is self-explanatory. Animal Crossing players have long been griping about the lack of cloud save for their precious islands, which means they can't transfer their save data to a new Switch, and they'll lose their data forever if their Switch console gets damaged or stolen.

Either way, we're excited that Nintendo is finally giving us some peace of mind by allowing us to keep our little island paradise safe in a random server somewhere across the world.

This feature, along with the Dream Suite and Fireworks Season will be available starting 30 July (only 2 more days!)

Bonus: Halloween Update

At the end of the video, a Fall update was also teased, with a little carved pumpkin to remind us that spooky season is almost upon us (okay, still a quarter of a year to go but still!)

You can check out the full Summer Update Wave 2 trailer here:


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