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Don't Starve Together: From Beyond - Taking Root Now available on Massive Discount Up to 90% Off!

Buy Don't Starve Together now for only RM3.10 (90% off)

Don't Starve Together: From Beyond - Taking Root update is now available on PC via Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. Below are the new features added to the game:

  • Rifts spewing lunar energy will begin to open in the world, either by defeating the Celestial Champion or by server settings.

  • The first creatures to spew forth are very interested in gardening.

  • New and powerful equipment can be crafted from these extra-planar thralls, with the right crafting station.

To celebrate 10 Years of Don't Stave!, the developer has prepared a signed poster for all fans around the world which is available on the Klei Rewards page for FREE; as well as a special signed and unsigned version in Don't Stave Together.

Additionally, the Celebratory Science Machine and Celebratory Cake Chest are available for FREE for a limited time as a login bonus in Don't Starve Together.

Source: Valve


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