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Diablo IV: Season 1 Release Date, New Items, New Content, and Battle Pass Announced!

Blizzard has announced the first season of Diablo IV, titled "Season of the Malignant," which will hit the serves on July 20, 10 AM, PDT. Diablo IV Season 1 will feature new questlines, bosses, dungeons, battle passes, new enemies, and more. You can watch the Season of the Malignant preview trailer below:

The trailer gives Diablo IV fans a glimpse of the new corrupting force taking over the rest of the world where players will come across a new enemy type - Malignant monster which is tougher and possesses a "Malignant Heart" that can be obtained by performing a ritual with the Cage of Binding during the Season's Questline.

In addition, Blizzard states that Season 1 will introduce 32 Malignant Hearts across four categories that provide unique bonuses. Meanwhile, players can get the Malignant Hearts in the new Dungeon - Malignant Tunnels, and battle against the new boss Varshan the Consumed.

Furthermore, players will need to create a new character in the Seasonal Realm after completing the campaign on either the Eternal or Seasonal Realm to play the new content. Besides, players will be able to transfer the characters including the items they collected to the Eternal Realm once Season 1 ends.

As for the battle pass, it will be broken into Chapters with each chapter featuring multiple objectives that can be completed with rewards like Favor, a resource that requires for the Battle Pass Tiers.

The Season 1 Battle Pass will be consisting of 90 Tiers, 27 Free Tiers and 63 Premium Tiers where free players are able to earn Smoldering Ashes from the Free BP and spend on Season Blessing to get limited-time bonus experience, Gold, or Obols.

Source: Blizzard


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