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Daemon X Machina Is Free on Epic Games Store

Deus ex machina what? Daemon X Machina is free on Epic Games Store this week from today until 4 February. Developed by Marvelous, it is a Mecha third-person shooter that came to PC in 2020 after almost six months released as a Nintendo exclusive.

"You are an Outer, a new breed of human being that appeared in the aftermath of the Moonfall calamity. As a mercenary for the Orbital organization, you are on the front line of a desperate war for humanity's survival against the Immortals—corrupted AIs that have rebelled against their human creators," the game description reads.

In the game, players will command an Arsenal mech with a variety of weapons to battle against the Immortals. Besides playing solo, players can team up with friends in an online co-op mode or play against other players in 1v1 or 2v2 versus mode.

Claim Daemon X Machina for free here.


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