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Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Have Security Issue, CD Projekt Red Working on Fix

It’s been a week since mod support arrived in Cyberpunk 2077. Now, CD Projekt Red are cautioning players who are spicing up their Night City experience with mods due to security issues.

The issue is related to a vulnerability in the game’s external DLL files, which allows codes to be executed on PCs. Redditor Romulus_Is_Here provided a neat explanation of the issue on Reddit, saying, “What makes this vulnerability a serious concern? The game in its unpatched state, when coupled with a malicious save game or a mod, can be used to exploit systems. People don't expect save games or mods to execute arbitrary codes or infect the system.”

Romulus_Is_Here added that the Red Tools mod team’s PixelRickyRick had confirmed that the PS4 is also at risk “to an extent”.

CDPR, who told Eurogamer that it was alerted to the issue via community members (Romulus_Is_Here says that it was PixelRickyRick who did so), has tweeted for users to use caution when using mods and custom saves on PC and that it will fix the issue as soon as possible. “For now, please refrain from using files from unknown sources,” the studio said.

At the moment, CyberEngineTweaks has come up with an unofficial fix for the vulnerability. If you’d rather wait for an official fix, however, you might want to stay away from mods and custom saves for now.


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