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'Crucible' "Unreleases" Itself, Amazon to Move the Game Back into Closed Beta Phase

Despite the hype and release of Amazon Game Studios' 'Crucible' on 21 May, developers of 'Crucible' have decided to move the Free-to-Play Action Shooter into the closed beta phase, citing continuous improvements on the game to create the best possible experience for players on its eventual release.

The 'closed beta' phase of a game / software development cycle essentially means that it will not be open for public, and only a select amount of people can access the game. It also means that there is ongoing development on the game itself, and all changes are not finalised.

Existing players can breathe a sigh of relief, however, as they can still access the game and all its functionalities as the developers carry on working on the roadmap in which they've set previously, as well as improvements on the map, combat and system changes, not to mention taking into account players' feedback and creating a robust game that we have come to expect.

The Crucible team is also setting up a community council, in which beta participants will be able to share their thoughts on the game and changes in hopes to make it better.

Hopefully, the second debut of the game will be more polished and well-received after this unorthodox move of reverting a released game to closed beta phase, which means a longer wait before more players will be able to enjoy the game. Here's to hoping the wait will be worth it!


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