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Corsair Launches New Flagship Gaming Keyboard - The K100 RGB

The Corsair K95 gaming keyboard has been dethroned by a newcomer - the K100 RGB, which features the new Corsair Axon Hyper-Processing Technology, which delivers inputs up to 4 times faster than conventional gaming keyboards.

Apart from that, the K100 will feature an option with Corsair OPX opto-mechanical switches, alongside the usual Cherry MX Silver mechanical switch option. Another feature making its debut is the multi-function iCUE control dial and (FINALLY) a standard bottom row.

That's right kids, you can finally pimp out your Corsair keyboard with third-party keycaps. The K100 comes with PBT double-shot keycaps by default, so won't have to worry about durability.

RGB fans will be delighted to find that the 44-zone RGB LightEdge extends all the way down the sides as well, and not just the top edge like in its predecessor.

Debuting in the CORSAIR K100 RGB, onboard CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology enables native 4,000Hz hyper-polling and 4,000Hz key scanning, which registers your keypresses up to four times faster than a standard gaming keyboard.

However, whether your reflexes are fast enough to put this feature to good use is completely up to you.

For more information, visit the official product page here. #corsair #k100 #mechanicalkeyboard #optomechanicalkeyboard

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