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Computex 2023: GIGABYTE's Top-Grade Water-Cooled External Graphics: AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX

As the leading brand of premium gaming hardware, GIGABYTE has announced the top-grade water-cooled external graphics, the AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX at COMPUTEX 2023. It is equipped with the most powerful NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture - GeForce RTX4090 graphics card and Thunderbolt 3 high-speed transmission interface.

The AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX comes with an independent high-wattage and stable power supply to allow users to enjoy top-level GeForce RTX4090 performance in a quiet and comfortable environment. Besides that, AORUS has minimized the size of the GAMING BOX, resulting in minimal desktop space requirements.

In addition, the AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX is an ideal upgrade for ultrabook users who seek full ray tracing and ultra-high FPS gaming with the lowest latency with its built-in wired network chip to eliminate interference during gameplay. Also, gamers can install the GIGABYTE control center to adjust the performance and lighting effects according to their preference.

Aside from that, the AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX elevates your creative projects to a whole new level with its AI assistance through the GeForce RTX4090 hardware acceleration support and NVIDIA Studio driver, offering creators a desktop-level performance whenever it comes to video editing, graphics design, 3D animations, and more. Find out more about the AORUS RTX4090 GAMING BOX here.


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