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Cold War RTS Wargame: Red Dragon Finally Gets Free Week on Epic Games Store

Cold War RTS Wargame: Red Dragon is finally free to grab for a week on Epic Games Store, four months after its free period in November 2020 was delayed.

First released in 2014, the sequel to Wargame: European Escalation and Wargame: AirLand Battle takes place in Asia, with Japan, China, the two Koreas, New Zealand, and Australia being among the 17 available nations. Aside from tanks and aircraft, Red Dragon has warships and amphibious units as well.

As with the first two games, Red Dragon differs from traditional RTS games by ditching base-building and having both a massive amount of total unit options (1,450, according to the game’s store page) and large maps that you can view from a distance or closely enough to see your units up-close. The game has a “dynamic campaign system” for single-player and multiplayer that supports up to 20 players. The Steam version still has a decent player base after all these years, but whether the Epic Game Store version can compete with that or surpass it remains to be seen.

You can grab Wargame: Red Dragon for free here. Up for grabs next month is Surviving Mars, a strategy game about building colonies on the Red Planet.

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