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Chrome OS to Get Screen Recording Tool

The Chrome OS is getting a screen recording tool in March, Google has revealed.

In a blog post, Google said that the tool will arrive via a Chromebook update. The tool was made with virtual learning in mind, with the tool intended to be used by teachers and students to record lessons and such.

Based on a gif in the blog post, using it looks pretty simple. You press some button, the “record” button shows up, then you press it and wait three seconds for it to begin.

The blog post also touched on other education-related plans and additions, such as a plan to launch over 40 new Chromebooks. “Many of them include convertible Chromebooks that function like a laptop and a tablet, and come with a stylus, touchscreen, and dual-cameras for students to take notes, edit videos, create podcasts, draw, publish digital books and record screencasts,” wrote Google.

“Every new Chromebook is equipped to deliver exceptional Google Meet and Zoom experiences — right out of the box. We also have devices that can better support students with limited access to the internet, or in countries with strong mobile broadband networks. These devices, called Always Connected devices, have an LTE connectivity option that allows you to connect via your preferred cellular network.”

Also mentioned were new accessibility features for screen reader ChromeVox, improvements to Google Meet on Chromebooks, a resource for picking the right Chromebook, and the ability for parents to add a Google Workspace for Education account to their kid’s Google Account and manage it with Family Link.


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