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Chinese Police Seized Nearly 8 Tons of Fake Pokemon Cards at an Airport in Shanghai

Game collectibles and merch have been popular among the gaming community like how Kpop merch is selling like hot cakes among Kpop fandoms. The same goes for Pokemon cards as the Pokemon Company has reportedly sold 34 billion cards in 2020. With the immense number of collectors, a manufacturer in China probably sees it as a means for big money before being stopped by the Chinese authorities.

According to Yicai Global, 20 boxes of counterfeit Pokemon cards were successfully intercepted at Shanghai's Pudong Airport. Based on the video posted, the boxes of Pokemon Sword and Shield packs in the Spanish language are wrapped up in police custody.

The counterfeit was bound for The Netherlands earlier this week, the outlet reported. The shipment originated from a company in the Qingdao province and weighed in at approximately 7.6 tons, making it one of China's largest seizures of counterfeit products in recent years.


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