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China Rejects Violence and Effeminacy in Video Games

Following its latest legislation to limit the amount of time minors can play online games, China has reportedly slowed down video games approval process and addressed a need to avoid games with a "wrong set of values", including too much violence and effeminate men.

According to GameRant, China has shown a negative attitude towards male characters like League of Legends' Taric in the past. Game developers were asked to remove skeletons and LGBT+ content before they were allowed to be released in the country.

The new policy has reportedly required developers and platforms to remove obscene and violent content in new games, as well as content that "encourages unhealthy tendencies like money-worship and effeminacy". It also listed new rules for live streaming, potential monopolies, and ads involving celebrities endorsement.

They allegedly believe that effeminate men are "physically weak and emotionally fragile", making them unable to defend the country from threats. It's worth noting that Taric is given a more masculine look with heavy armour and a severe expression.


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