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Call of Duty: Vanguard Ranked Play Beta Will Start on 17 February

Earlier, Call of Duty: Vanguard announced its second season that' set to go live tomorrow (14 February), teasing a new ranked play system that will be introduced in the new season. The Ranked Play Beta will kick off on 17 February, Activision announced.

When the beta arrives, players can join 4v4 matches in CDL Hardpoint, CDL Search & Destroy, and CDL Control matches with the same weapons, maps, and settings used in Call of Duty League. All items, except shotguns or LMGs, will be available in Ranked Play to ensure a level playing field, regardless of players' current Multiplayer progression.

In addition, Ranked Play rewards have also been unveiled, including Weapon Blueprints, Camos, Charms, and more, all of which are exclusive to the season. For every 5 ranks achieved, players will earn a unique Emblem and Calling Card. When they play up to the maximum ranking of 50, they will be able to unlock the exclusive “Ranked Royalty” Solange Operator Skin. An animated Emblem will also be given out at the end of each season to celebrate players' final Season Skill Division placement for the season.

For more information, read the official blog post here.


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