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Build or Blow Up Stuff in New Free-To-Play Shooter Sector’s Edge

A new free-to-play shooter with destructible environments has been released on Steam as an Early Access title.

Sector’s Edge offers 8v8 battles where players can also build blocky constructs or lay waste to their surroundings. You can blow up walls and floors with your weapons, or dig tunnels to create new routes with a dedicated tool. As for combat, the time-to-kill is pretty fast, but the high recoil mean that automatic weapons can’t simply be sprayed at an enemy. There are currently six maps and four modes. The Steam page says that custom maps can be made and tested as well, although I’ve yet to discover where that feature is accessed in the game.

Weapons range from assault rifles and SMGs to plasma weaponry and a rocket rifle, and customizable loadouts allow for a combination of weapons, equipment, and perks. A Power limit prevents you from going too crazy with a loadout, and unspent power gives you more blocks to place. There are also skins and reticle options that can be purchased with in-game currency (which, in turn, can be bought with real money).

The environmental destruction is pretty enjoyable, and the low system requirements mean that you don’t need an RTX 3080 to enjoy said destruction. The player population is low so far, but there are at least some populated Singaporean, Japananese, and Australian official servers at the time of writing. Two-man developer Vercidium also promises “finely tuned hitreg for players with up to 400ms latency”, although I haven’t tried playing on high-ping servers to test it out yet.

If you’re interested in giving Sector’s Edge a go, check out the Steam page here.


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