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BTS Edition Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ are Coming to Malaysia, Pre-orders Open 19 June

Malaysian ARMY (the K-pop kind, not the military) can prepare their wallets now that the BTS edition Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ have been confirmed to be coming to Malaysia.

The special edition phone will be clad in a gorgeous purple glass back and feature adornments in the shape of the BTS logo near the bottom and a small purple heart near the back camera lens.

Inside, the phone will come pre-installed with BTS themes and the Weverse fan community app, while the physical package will include stickers as well as photo cards of the band members.

Similarly, the Buds+ will also feature small touches that tie into the BTS theme, with a matching purple and black colourway accompanied by the BTS logo and a small purple heart on each side of the earbuds respectively.

The prices have also been revealed, with the Galaxy S20+ BTS edition to retail for a cool RM4,399 and the Buds+ at RM899. Ballers who plan to pick up both devices will be glad to find that they will enjoy a special purchase-with-purchase deal - those who pre-order the BTS edition Galaxy S20+ will be able to purchase the matching Buds+ at only RM449,50, which is half the retail price.

However, those who only plan to get the BTS edition Galaxy Buds+ shouldn't fret, as you will still receive a pre-order freebie in the form of a BTS edition Wireless Charger Pad worth RM199.

As mentioned previously, the pre-orders will begin on 19 June 2020. Malaysian ARMY who wish to throw down some cash for these devices may pre-order here starting from the aforementioned date until 5 July, while the official launch date is set to be on 9 July.


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