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Battlefield Portal Will Let Players Combine Eras in Custom Modes

Battlefield 2042 may be set in the near-future, but its newly announced Battlefield Portal mode will let players mess around with past eras too.

Revealed at EA Play Live 2021, Battlefield Portal is basically a toybox for custom mode creation that includes the maps, weapons, and vehicles from not just Battlefield 2042 but also Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

As the mode’s webpage explains, “Imagine the assault rifles and helis of Battlefield 2042 on the Battlefield 1942 map Battle of the Bulge. Or perhaps a knife vs. defib fight on Caspian Border? Battlefield Portal's inclusion of classic Battlefield universes opens up hugely creative gameplay opportunities.”

One of the modes shown off at EA Play Live was VIP Fiesta, where players protect their VIP and respawn with new loadouts. There are also wackier modes like Quality vs Quantity, where four soldiers from Battlefield 2042 take on 32 World War 2-era Germans, and Robotman, where 20 EOD bots battle a T-91 tank.

While things may seem skewed towards modern weaponry and equipment when it comes to the mixed-era modes, EA says that “Special care has been taken to let you balance weapons and vehicles as you see fit. For instance, modern guns don't necessarily have to be stronger than WW2 weapons.”

Additionally, progression will be shared between Battlefield Portal and Battlefield 2042, so players who focus on the former won’t lag behind on ranking up for Battlefield 2042’s other modes.


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