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Battlefield 2042 Removes Zombie Survival Mode

As if things aren't tough enough for Battlefield 2042, its newest community-made mode, Zombie Survival has been removed only after a day it went live. It has since been replaced with Gun Game.

Apparently, Zombie Survival has been used as an XP farm, where players exploit it to quickly earn XP while the zombies are unable to reach them. Originally, the mode puts teams of four human soldiers working together to fight off endless waves of oncoming zombies until rescue arrives. The exploit, of course, throws off the general XP balance for the game overall, leading the mode to "go back into the workshop for a bit" said Senior Design Director, Justin Wiebe from Ripple Effect Studios.

Replacing the Zombie mode with Gun Game, Wiebe is hopeful to fix it so that Zombie Survival can be more aligned with "standard game progression." As a result of what has happened with Zombie Survival, Wiebe shared that the team tightened its review process in order to ensure that similar issues don't happen again.

For the time being, players can go back to playing Gun Game, which has previously been available in Portal as Gun Master of Ages. In this mode, weapons will change over time, adding power with kills. While fans get busy with this mode, we can expect a more polished Zombie Survival mode in the future.


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