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Aurora 7 Prototype is a Laptop With Seven Screens

London-based company Expanscape has come up with a prototype of a seven-screen laptop. That’s right, seven screens.

First spotted by Gizmodo, the Aurora 7 is made to serve as a “proper” mobile Security Operations Center and slightly resembles a case from a distance when closed. It opens up like and resembles a regular laptop (albeit a rather thick one) if you’re just using the main screen, but once you slide out all those extra screens it turns into a crazy-looking contraption.

Of the seven WLED screens, there are four 17.3-inch screens with 3840x2160 resolutions, with two having portrait orientation and AHVA panels and two having landscape orientation and AAS panels. The other three screens are landscape-oriented 7-inch screens with a 1920x1200 resolution and LTPS panels. Expanscape says that the Aurora 7 can be “folded down quickly to facilitate travel”, although it added that their next gen prototypes will feature some improvements.

Image source: Expanscape

The laptop packs a primary and secondary battery for the system and screens respectively, with the latter not being allowed on planes. If you thought that gaming laptops had underwhelming battery lives, the Aurora 7 makes them look impressive in comparison. According to Expanscape’s specs page, an i9-9900K (which is what the laptop comes with) running at a 4GHz clock speed will allow you to use the laptop for 28 minutes, while a clock speed of 2GHz provides one hour of usage.

The Aurora 7 makes use of a “heavily modified” ODM laptop for its body and can have up to 128GB of RAM and up to 16TB of SSD storage. And while it’s not meant to be a gaming laptop (I’m not sure how you’d make use of all those screens anyway), the Aurora 7 prototype does come with NVIDIA GTX 10 Series graphics cards. For beefier gaming power, there’s the A7 M3, the Aurora 7’s third iteration which has an RTX 2070.

It’s unknown if we’ll be seeing these laptops on the commercial market anytime soon, but Expanscape says that the A7 M3 will be sold “to our customers even before the A7 is finalised.” The company also mentions on their home page that they “will be manufacturing and selling and leasing our prototypes even before they are finalised as we recognise there is an immediate demand for these items in the DevOps, SecOps, CyberSecurity and Day;Stock;Commodity Trader communities”.

Image source: Expanscape

As for price, Expanscape simply says that the A7 M3’s price will “reflect the costs and development involved and the fact that we are in the very early stages of our prototype's development” and may change as a commercial release nears. Oh, and you'll have to sign an NDA that prevents you from revealing how much you paid to others.

You can check out the full specs for the Aurora 7 here and the A7 M3’s here if you’re curious about them.


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