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Animal Crossing: New Horizons to Release Summer Updates on 29 July

Nintendo has just announced some upcoming details of the free summer update that is set to release on 29 July. The Version 1.11 Update will bring fans new and returning summer events and items.

Fireworks Show Event

The Fireworks Show event will make its return at the Resident Services plaza with beautiful fireworks decorating the night sky of the island every Sunday during the event duration. There will be brand new Redd’s Raffle items for residents to celebrate while watching the fireworks, including cotton candy, a popsicle, and bubble tea.

Like previously, players will also be able to launch their own custom design fireworks during the event by submitting a pattern to Isabelle outside the Resident Services building.

Nook Shopping Event

During the Nook Shopping Event, players will be able to buy new items for the Japanese Bon Festival in mid August, including a cucumber horse and an eggplant cow. In September, players can expect to see new items available for the Japanese Moon-Viewing Festival. Additionally, a South Korean moon-themed item will be released too.


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