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Android 12 Will Let You Play a Game While it’s Downloading

Google has announced that Android 12 will let players play a game that’s being downloaded, among other announcements it made at the Google for Games Developer Summit.

The “Play as you download” feature, as Google dubs it, is “built into the core of Android 12” and will let players start gaming “in seconds” as the assets are downloaded. The company adds that it is seeing games “being ready to open at least 2 times faster”.

On the subject of assets, Texture Compression Format Targeting now automatically determines which modern compression format to utilize for more game size reduction.

Elsewhere, Google announced that it had launched the Android Game Development Kit, which currently covers “Integrated workflows”, “Essential C/C++ game libraries”, and performance optimization. Game dashboard and Game Mode APIs are currently being worked on for Android 12, with the former providing an overlay with quick access to features like screen capture and recording, while the latter lets developers “react” to players’ selection of performance profiles when playing their game.

Some of the other announced features include Play integrity API for battling abuse, the Reach and device insights tool, and Firebase Remote Config for updating “the behavior and appearance of your game for different audience segments without releasing a new version”.

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