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AMD To Reveal Its New GPUs In October

Following NVIDIA’s unveiling of its RTX 30 series cards, you may be wondering what AMD has to offer in response. If AMD’s bike announcement wasn’t what you were looking for, well, worry no more, for NVIDIA’s rival will be announcing their new graphics cards, and CPUs, in October.

On 10 September, the Radeon RX page uploaded a teaser video and tweeted, “AMD #RDNA2 architecture and Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards will bring the best of Radeon to gamers worldwide. Learn more October 28.”

Shortly after, AMD CEO and President Lisa Su tweeted with a teaser video of her own, “It’s going to be an exciting fall for gamers...time to start a new journey with @AMDRyzen Zen3 and @Radeon RDNA2.”

AMD’s announcement will matter not just for PC gamers but for console gamers as well, as the upcoming Xbox One Series X, Xbox One Series S, and PlayStation 5 are making use of AMD GPUs. So far, we know that the Xbox One Series X’s GPU has 52 CUs, a clock speed of 1.825 Ghz, and delivers 12.15 teraflops of performance, while the Series S has 20 CUs, a 1.56 Ghz clock speed, and delivers 4 teraflops (thanks, The Verge). Meanwhile, the PS5 has 36 CUs, a 2.23 GHz clock speed, and delivers 10.28 teraflops (thanks, Eurogamer).

Aside from finding out what the AMD GPUs are capable of, it’ll also be interesting to see how they’re priced, especially given that NVIDIA has priced its RTX 3080 the same as its own RTX 2080.


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