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AMD Reveals New Radeon PRO V620 GPU

Today, AMD announced its new GPU built with the latest AMD RDNA 2 architecture - the AMD Radeon PRO V620 - which delivers high-performance GPU acceleration for immersive AAA games and 3D workloads.

The graphics card comes with architectural advancements like powerful compute units, a robust visual pipeline, and an all-new AMD Infinity Cache for high-resolution gaming performance with the latest visual technologies, including Vulkan, DirectX 12 Ultimate, and AMD FidelityFX. It also features 32 GB of GDDR6 RAM that scales to multiple graphics users.


Stream Processors

Compute Units

GDDR6 ECC Memory

Memory Bandwidth

Memory Interface

AMD Radeon PRO V620



32 GB

@ 16 Gbps

512 GB/s



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