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AMD and MediaTek Partner Up to Develop Wi-Fi 6E Chips for Next-Gen Ryzen-Series Laptops and PCs

AMD and MediaTek have announced a collaboration to co-engineer Wi-Fi solutions, seeing several AMD products using MediaTek's new Filogic 330P chipset. Starting with the AMD RZ600 series Wi-Fi 6E modules, the chipset will power the AMD Ryzen-series laptop and desktop PCs as well in 2022, delivering high Wi-Fi speeds.

According to the companies, they have "developed and certified PCIe and USB interfaces for modern sleep states and power management". The optimisation and testing process will help save time in product development.

The Fliogic 330P chipset supports Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E as well as Bluetooth 5.2. MediaTek claims the chipset's power and low noise amplifier technologies help optimise power consumption and reduce design footprint, enabling the chipset to fit in laptops of all sizes.


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