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ACS EDU Tour Season 3: The Biggest Collegiate Esports Event in Malaysia

The ACS EDU Tour Season 3, Malaysia's biggest collegiate esports event has finally returned with a bang, to showcase the country's rise as an esports leader. This edition promises to be one of the biggest collegiate esports tournaments in Southeast Asia, showcasing Malaysia's commitment to nurture an inclusive esports community.

The ACS EDU Tour, which was created and managed by CRIT Esports, has grown significantly in collegiate esports and Season 3 is expected to be the pinnacle of of collegiate esports in the region. With a large prize pool of RM200,000, a total of 6,400 players from 100 universities across Malaysia will be participating. This event aims to offer a platform for players of different skills to form teams and showcase their abilities on the big stage and compete to become Malaysia's top collegiate esports champion. The champions of ACS EDU Tour Season 3 will take home a specially crafted trophy, commemorating their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament.

The press conference for the launch of ACS EDU Tour S3 x Unifi Mobile took place on June 10th at Asia Pacific University (APU) in Kuala Lumpur. The event is designated as Malaysia's first Esports Focal Sports Centre Coordinator by the Ministry of Higher Education, and it serves as the best venue to symbolize the integration of academic and esports excellence. Hosting the launch at a university showcases the ACS EDU Tour’s goal of enriching collegiate Esports culture and fostering the collaboration between academics and competition. This initiative also aims to promote knowledge transfer among students who will participate in organising the tournament.

The press conference featured several key individuals who were essential to the tournament's success such as Puan Nurul Azwa Bte. Mohd Rodzi, Deputy CEO of Impact Integrated, was the guest of honor. CRIT Esports' partners for the season, including Ms. Jasmine Lee from Unifi, Mr. Alex Yee from ZTE Corporation Malaysia, and Puan Rozaina Mahmod from Wipro-Unza. Moreover, esteemed guests such as Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice Chancellor of the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and Encik Muhammad Naim, President of the Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation also attended - along with Mr. Randy Lim, Co-Founder of CRIT Esports, and Mr. Andrew Chen, Country Manager of CRIT Esports.

This year's tournament is set to feature PUBG MOBILE, a well renowned battle royale mobile game that captivated millions around the world, making it essential in esports arena. The event is supported by Unifi Mobile, the Official Presenter of ACS EDU Tour Season 3, providing 5G & 4G data through UNI5G WOW Prepaid packs for all 6400 players. Leveraging Unifi Mobile’s top-tier 5G capabilities, which were recognised by Open Signal as the World's No.1 Fastest 5G Download Speed provider to provide fast and low-latency connectivity for all players.

Unifi intend to improve accessibility through the Unifi TV app by broadcasting the state and grand finals starting September to November 2024. The games will be aired on Unifi eSports (Channel 702), available for free on the Unifi TV app for smart devices and smart TVs. This makes it the first time that the ACS EDU Tour will be broadcasted nationwide via a dedicated channel.

Additionally, ZTE returns as the Official Smartphone sponsor by equipping players with their latest gaming technology, the Nubia Neo 2 5G mobile phones. This collaboration highlights ZTE's commitment to supporting the esports community by providing affordable mobile gaming devices for casual and competitive gaming.

Moreover, ZTE introduced a donation drive called the Scream for Charity Campaign during the tour. With a minimum donation of RM1, participants can contribute to local causes aiding the voiceless and abused. All participants need to do is scan a QR code, filling in details, making a donation, and screaming ‘Nubia’ into a sound machine as loud as possible. Each participant receives a raffle ticket, with rewards awaiting winners at the end of the season, aiming to encourage and celebrate generosity.

The beauty brand SAFI is also said to be the official personal care partner for season 3 in order to encourage more women top participate. Furthermore, if an all-women’s team rises at the champions, they will also win an all-expense paid trip to the PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC) in London!

CritFluence, a division of CRIT Esports, will launch a Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) recruitment campaign alongside ACS EDU Tour Season 3. This campaign offers students chances to engage with brands and initiate their influencer careers by creating and sharing content. Student KOCs will get a lot of benefits as they will be able to Student KOCs will build relationships with brands, receive merchandise and products, and potentially earn income.

The ACS EDU Tour Season 3 has received strong backings from the Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation (MESF) and Esports Integrated (ESI), in line with their goal to involve all aspects of the esports ecosystem. This partnership underscores the government's efforts to enhance the esports industry and be recognised as a prominent esports nation.

This event is truly a monumental start to something bigger - a call to action for students to register and participate, for the government to continue its support, and for future corporate partners to join this exciting journey. Together, we can elevate Malaysia's esports scene to new heights. Let the games begin.

For more information, please contact Mr. Leonard Conrad at +60199821993 or


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