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Acer Malaysia Unveils New High Refresh Rates Monitor along with New Aspire XC and Aspire TC desktops

The new Nitro QG270S3 and QG240YS3 support up to 180Hz refresh rates and 1ms response time while the Acer Nitro QG240YH3 supports up to 100Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. All 3 new monitors have AMD FreeSync technology which eliminates screen tearing and reduces input lag.

Besides that, it is also HDR10 certified, providing an immersive and engaging viewing experience through increased contrast, color accuracy, and details in both bright and darker areas.

(Acer Nitro QG270S3 & QG240YS3)

In addition, these Nitro monitors come with three-pronged stands and ZeroFrame bezel-less VA panel displays flanked by Acer VisionCare technology which helps reduce eye strain for a more comfortable viewing and gaming experience.

(Acer Nitro QG240YH3)

Do note that the QG270S3 and QG240YS3 monitors come with a DisplayPort while the QG240YH3 monitor features a VGA port. Here is the pricing for the 3 monitors mentioned above:


Acer Aspire XC / Aspire TC desktop

Other than that, Acer Malaysia has also announced the new Aspire XC and Aspire TC desktops that are equipped with the 13th Gen Intel Core processors. The Aspire XC is an 8L space-saving desktop whilst the Aspire TC is a 16-liter black tower desktop with an intricate design and houses a built-in DVD-RW driver.

The latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors enable stable computing power efficiency in both Aspire desktops with up to 512GB SSD storage to further enhance the user experience. Moreover, both desktops come complete with up to 8GB DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded to 32GB.

(Aspire XC 1780)

Lastly, both Aspire XC and TC desktops are installed with Windows 11 Home edition, pricing from RM1,949

(Aspire TC 1780)


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