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Accidental Announcement: Samsung Galaxy Home Mini Might Be Released on 12 February

Oops! Somewhere in South Korea, an intern is about to get in a whole lot of trouble.

A press release announcing the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker was published and then swiftly removed from the South Korean Samsung website earlier today.

Baby is thicc

Android Police managed to capture the announcement before it was deleted, and translated it from Korean. Here are the things we found out:

  • It will be released on 12 February and costs 9,900 KRW (this is likely a typo - 99,000 KRW, which is approximately ~RM343, makes more sense)

  • Pre-orders will go live earlier on Samsung's online store

  • It is powered by Bixby, coupled with 2 microphones which allow you to control various devices over long distances

  • 4 IR remote transmitters will allow you to control IR-based appliances

  • You will be allowed to make, send, and receive messages without even connecting to your smartphone

  • It can detect and notify you of emergency situations such as fires and leaks

  • It will notify you if an appliance is broken or needs to be replaced

  • It is equipped with 5W AKG speakers with 360-degree surround sound

A month ago, Samsung announced a Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, where they plan to show off 'new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences.' This event falls on 11 February, just a day before the Galaxy Home Mini's alleged release date, so expect to find out more details then.


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