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3 Improvements About the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

You've probably been hyped up about the recently announced Galaxy S24 Series, especially how the revolutionary Galaxy AI took the limelight by promising how it would change your world forever. But there is actually even more improvements brought to you by the Galaxy S24 series, which further elevate your smartphone experience.

Brighter than ever

Imagine strolling around the park on a sunny day, enjoying the fresh air, and an urgent message notification pops. You eagerly open the message, only to find out that the glare from the sun makes it nearly impossible to read the screen. Or you're at the famous and popular beach, having a vacation with your family, trying to capture some candid moments with your phone, but the screen is too dim to see clearly, causing you to miss the perfect shot.

And that's when the Galaxy S24 Series is here to outshine the sun. Boasting an impressive peak brightness of up to 2600 nits, significantly surpassing the 1700 nits of its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Series, its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display ensures clarity even in the brightest sunlight. Recognized with certification from VDE Germany for achieving 100 percent Mobile Color Volume within the DCI-P3 color spectrum, this display guarantees vibrant, true-to-life colors that remain vivid and unaffected by varying levels of brightness. Say goodbye to washed-out images and hello to an unparalleled viewing experience with the Galaxy S24 Series.

Tougher than ever

If you always worrying about keeping your smartphone screen free from scratches, cracks, or shattering, then the Galaxy S24 Ultra has you covered. This latest device from Samsung features the newest Corning® Gorilla® Armor cover material, a solution that not only prioritizes durability but also enhances optical performance. Developed exclusively by Corning in collaboration with Samsung, Corning® Gorilla® Armor represents a significant advancement in smartphone cover materials.

Compared to conventional glass surfaces, Corning Gorilla Armor significantly reduces reflections by up to 75%, thereby improving display readability and minimizing screen glare. Moreover, it offers an unmatched combination of toughness and visual clarity, resulting in a more vibrant display under sunlight and providing superior protection against the rigors of daily use. These enhancements are truly remarkable and you definitely have to try it firsthand to fully experience the difference.

More futureproof than ever

Keeping up with the latest software updates may seem like a hassle, but it's essential for your device's security and performance. Samsung recognizes this and is stepping up its game by offering an impressive 7 years of upgrades, compared to the previous four years, starting with the Galaxy S24 series.

With this extended support, Samsung is not only encouraging customers to hold onto their phones for longer but also ensuring that personal data remains protected. By providing 7 years of Android OS upgrades and security updates for new devices, Samsung is committed to keeping you and your device up-to-date with the latest features, enhancing usability, functionality, and compatibility over time. This dedication to ongoing support helps ensure a smoother, more secure, and enjoyable user experience.

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