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2D Metroidvania Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition is Free on Epic Games Store

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, a 2D metroidvania platformer set in a "bizarre" world called Salt, is now free on Epic Games Store.

Released in 2020 (the base non-Trials of Fear Edition version of Dandara came out in 2018), Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition follows the titular Dandara as she tries to save the world of Salt, where she has awoken in, and its oppressed citizens. “Defy gravity as you jump across floors, walls, and ceilings alike. Discover the mysteries and secrets hidden throughout the world of Salt and its diverse array of characters,” reads the game’s description. “Empower Dandara for combat and survival against enemies bent on oppression.”

The Trials of Fear Edition adds quality-of-life updates to the base Dandara game, as well as new content like three areas, a boss, more powers and an ability for Dandara, and a secret ending. There are also new music tracks and a “whole new focus on story”, with “new descriptions, dialogues and cutscenes for both new and existing characters and environments” to further flesh out the lore of the game’s setting.

You can grab the game here.


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