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2 More Days Until 6% Steam Tax Kicks In - Time to Clear Your Shopping Carts

Although the Steam Winter Sale ends on 3rd January 2020, you only have until 31st December to enjoy a tax-free shopping spree.

In April this year, the Finance Minister announced the introduction of digital service tax, which will see online services such as Steam, Spotify and Netflix taxed 6% effective from 1st January 2020.

Image credit: RTM

While paying tax is always a drag, let's consider ourselves lucky that it's only a mere 6%, unlike our dear neighbour (7%), or other countries such as Sweden (25%) or Hungary (27%).

A tiny victory

Aside from the US, tax is already calculated and included in the price stated on the Steam store, so you don't have to worry about nasty surprises during checkout.

No word yet if Steam will be absorbing the tax, or we will be seeing increased prices this coming new year. In any case, it's better to be safe than sorry, so remember to clear out your shopping cart before 1st Jan! #digitalservicetax #steam


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